About Us

What is CAFE?

Who we are:

CAFE stands for “Canadian Aid For Education.” We don’t have much to do with coffee, but much like it, CAFE is about fueling and jump starting. Through our efforts, we support education programs in developing countries. CAFE is a registered non-profit charity. 

What We Do:

Since 2003, CAFE has created and funded various grass roots programs in developing countries including:

  • Meal Program – Barahona, Dominican Republic
  • Mobile Library – Arequipa, Peru
  • Tuition Program – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Children’s School Support – Dinajpur, Bangladesh
  • Earthquake Response Support – Chile
  • Centro Anay Training Centre for Girls
  • TMA Workshops - Santiago, Dominican Republic
  • Hogar de Ninas orphanage - Bani, Dominican Republic
  • School upgrades in Buenas Aires de Armenia, El Salvador

Why We Do It:

CAFE believes in the power of education and it’s pivotal role in the development of communities. It is our vision that by supporting people in their struggle for education, we may in some small way empower them to take control of their future.

What YOU Can Do:

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